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Passwordstate is an on-premise web based solution for secure management of passwords, for both individuals and teams of people. 256bit AES data encryption, code obfuscation and enterprise scalability makes it the Enterprise Password Manager of choice. Track Shared Password Lists -Track passwords for individuals, or create Shared Password Lists to be shared amongst multiple people. * Password History and Comparison, Real-Time Password Change Notification, Import and Export Passwords, Secure Access to Shared Password Lists, Expiring Passwords Management and Password Auditing. Security Administration - Site administration and governance. * End-to-end Auditing, Customised Email Templates, Shared Password List Reporting, Password Strength Policy, 2nd Level Password Protection, Multiple Active Directory Domain Support and User Acceptance Policy. Data Protection and Security - Ensures the integrity of your sensitive data. * Encryption and Obfuscation, Unique Initialisation Vector, Automatic Logout Period, Integrated Windows Authentication and Optional Two-Factor Authentication for Administration Area. Role-Based Access Control - Ensures only authorised access to sensitive data is possible, and governance of Passwordstate usage is well managed. Password Generator - generate one or more random passwords, based on the complexity criteria you specify Real-time Notifications and Auditing - Receive real-time email notifications when shared passwords change, and view auditing information for events relating to your access control. Active Directory Integration - Passwordstate leverages the investment you have made in your Active Directory implementation, and fully supports multiple Active Directory domains and forests. Compliance Reporting - End-to-end reporting ensures the governance of your enterprise's passwords are well managed, and reported when required.
Change info
* Complete new user interface * New and improved home page for searching across all Password Lists, quick access to favorites, and statistics for most active users and passwords * Improved role-based access – read, modify and admin permissions to Password Lists and individual passwords * Logical grouping of Password Lists in a navigation tree * Organize Password Lists in Password Folders * Password List Templates * Automtically hide passwords on the screen, and clearing of the clipboard * Customised fields per Password List * Time-based access to passwords and Password Lists – either at a specific date, or when someone changes a password * Handshake Approval for access – two List Administrators must approve access before a timer elapses * Copy or move passwords between Password Lists * 32 different audit items are now tracked and reported * Active Directory or Forms-Based authentication * Two-factor authentication for Active Directory authentication – ScramblePad * Local or Active Directory Security Groups can be used for assigning permissions * Synchronize access via Active Directory Security Groups membership * High Availability module available – read only copy, using SQL Server to replicate data * 12 different roles for Security Administrators of Passwordstate * Word phrases added to the Password Generator * Set expiry date on user accounts registered in Passwordstate – useful if someone was leaving your company * Password reset recommendations when someone’s access to Passwordstate or Password Lists is removed
System requirements
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Above
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